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Brunetto Latini

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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by author and year.

There are 19 references in this bibliography folder.

Baldwin, S
Libro del Tesoro. Versión castellana de "Li Livres don Tresor". Edición y estudio

Beltrami, P
Per il testo del "Tresor": appunti sull'edizione di F.J. Carmody
Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Classe di Lettere e Filosofia, ser. III, 18:961-1009.

Beltrami, PG
Appunti su vicende del Tresor: composizione, letture, riscritture
In: L'Enciclopedismo medievale, ed. by Michelangelo Picone, pp. 311-328.

Carmody, F
Brunetto Latini's "Tresor": Latin sources on natural science
Speculum, 12:359-366.

Carmody, F
Brunetto Latini's Trésor: A genealogy of 43 manuscripts
ZfRPh, LVI:93-99.

Carmody, FJ
Latin Sources of Brunetto Latini's World History
Speculum, 11(3):359-370.

Ceva, B
Brunetto Latini. L'uomo e l'opera

Clark, WB
The animal chapters in the St. Petersburg "Li Livres dou Tresor"
In: Le Livres dou Tresor. Brunetto Latini, facs.. Moleiro, Barcelona, pp. 138-170.

Gaiter, L (ed.)
Il Tesoro di Brunetto Latini, volgarizzato da Bono Giamboni
Bologna, vols. 4.

Holloway, JB
Brunetto Latini: an analytic bibliography
London, Grant & Cutler. Research bibliographies & checklists. 44.

Holloway, JB (ed.)
Il Tesoretto (The little treasure)
NY. Garland Library of medieval literature. A/2.

Maurice, J
La place du "Livre des animaux" de Brunetto Latini dans la tradition des bestiaires médiévaux
In: Bestiarien im Spannungsfeld zwischen Mittelalter und Moderne, ed. by Gisela Febel / Georg Maag. Gunter Narr, Tübingen, pp. 40-47.

Maurice, J
"Croyances populaires" et "histoire" dans le "Livre des animaux": Jeux de polyphonie dans un bestiaire de la seconde moitié du XIIIe s.
Romania, 111:153-178.

Maurice, J
Le Bestiaire d’amour de Richard de Fournival et le Livre des animaux de Brunetto Latini. Les Bestiaires dans la seconde moitié du XIIIe siècle
Poitiers, Thèse d’Etat.

Maurice, J
La formule "Et sachies que" indice de spécifié du "Livre des animaux" de Brunetto Latini
Romania, 106:527-38.

No names specified
Li Livres don Tresor. Edition and study by S. Baldwin and P. Barrette
Tempe, Arizona center for medieval and renaissance studies. Medieval and Renaissance texts and studies. 257.

No names specified
Li livres don Tresor. Brunetto Latini. Facsimile ms. ST. Petersbourg, BN Russie, MS. fr. F.v.III. N4
Barcelona, Moleiro.

No names specified
Brunetto Latini. The Book of the Treasure ("Li livres don tresor")
NY, Garland.

Prince, D
Text and concordance of the Aragonese translation of Brunetto Latini's "Le Livres dou Tresor", Gerona Cathedral, MS 20-a-5
Madison, Hispanic seminar of medieval studies.

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